Anya Taylor-Joy’s Journey Through Film and Television: A Comprehensive Guide


Anya Taylor-Joy, a talented actress known for her captivating performances and striking presence, has quickly become a favorite among critics and fans alike. This blog post explores her impressive portfolio of movies and TV shows, highlighting her versatility and impact in the entertainment industry. Join us as we delve into the diverse world of Anya Taylor-Joy’s roles and achievements.

Early Beginnings:

Anya Taylor-Joy’s breakthrough came with the horror film “The Witch,” where her portrayal of Thomasin garnered widespread acclaim. This movie set the tone for her career, showcasing her ability to anchor a film with both subtlety and power.

Rising Star:

In M. Night Shyamalan’s thrilling sequels “Split” and “Glass,” Anya Taylor-Joy reprised her role as Casey Cooke. Her performances highlighted her capacity to bring depth and resilience to complex characters, further solidifying her status in Hollywood.

Period Drama Excellence:

Barry offered Anya a unique opportunity to step into a historical setting, where she played the love interest of a young Barack Obama. This film showcased her versatility and helped her gain recognition in biographical roles.

A Modern Jane Austen Heroine:

As the titular character in “Emma,” Anya Taylor-Joy brought new life to Jane Austen’s beloved novel. Her interpretation was both fresh and faithful, providing a modern twist to the classic story and earning her critical praise.

Mastering Chess and the Screen:

In the Netflix miniseries “The Queen’s Gambit,” Anya Taylor-Joy’s portrayal of Beth Harmon, a chess prodigy, won her the Golden Globe for Best Actress. Her performance not only captivated audiences but also sparked a renewed interest in chess worldwide.

Delving into Horror:

In “Marrowbone,” Anya Taylor-Joy returned to the horror genre. Her role as Allie in this psychological thriller demonstrated her ability to navigate through emotionally charged and suspenseful narratives.

Voice Acting Venture:

Expanding her repertoire, Anya Taylor-Joy ventured into voice acting with the series “The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance.” Her character, Brea, allowed her to explore a different form of acting, contributing to a rich, fantastical world.

Revisiting the Past:

“The Miniaturist,” set in 17th-century Amsterdam, had Anya Taylor-Joy playing Nella, a young bride who uncovers secrets within her new household. This role highlighted her skill in embodying characters from different historical periods.

The Thriller Scene:

In “Thoroughbreds,” Anya Taylor-Joy’s character, Lily, showcased her ability to portray morally complex figures. Her performance was chilling and nuanced, adding depth to this dark comedic thriller.

Latest Ventures and Future Projects

Anya Taylor-Joy continues to expand her filmography with upcoming projects that promise to showcase her evolving talent. Whether she’s stepping into science fiction or continuing her streak in psychological dramas, her future in film and TV looks exceptionally bright.


From horror to historical drama, Anya Taylor-Joy’s movies and TV shows display her wide-ranging capabilities and magnetic screen presence. She not only adapts to diverse roles but also imbues them with a unique depth, making each character distinctly her own. As she continues to build her career, audiences and critics alike eagerly anticipate her next transformation.


  1. What was Anya Taylor-Joy’s first movie?
    • Anya Taylor-Joy’s first major film role was in “The Witch,” which premiered in 2015 and immediately established her as a promising talent in Hollywood.
  2. Has Anya Taylor-Joy won any awards for her acting?
    • Yes, Anya Taylor-Joy has received several awards, including a Golden Globe for her performance in “The Queen’s Gambit.”
  3. What are Anya Taylor-Joy’s upcoming projects?
    • Anya Taylor-Joy has several projects lined up, including roles in big-budget films and high-profile TV series, which are yet to be publicly detailed but are highly anticipated.
  4. Does Anya Taylor-Joy perform in theater?
    • As of now, Anya Taylor-Joy is primarily known for her work in films and television. There are no public records of her performing in theater.

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