Is There a New Kokoa TV Website Here’s

Kokoa TV, the popular platform for free Korean entertainment, seems to have vanished from the web. Many fans are searching for a “Kokoa TV new site,” but the situation is a bit more complex. Let’s delve into what happened and explore alternative options.

What Was Kokoa TV?

Kokoa TV was a free streaming service offering Korean dramas, variety shows, and movies. Accessible through an app and website, it gained a loyal following for its diverse content library.

Why Can’t I Access Kokoa TV Now?

Unfortunately, Kokoa TV shut down its services in 2020. The exact reasons remain unclear, but speculations point towards copyright issues and competition from other streaming giants.

Are There Any Mirror Sites or Workarounds?

Be cautious! Avoid clicking on links claiming to be a new Kokoa TV website. These are likely scams or phishing attempts designed to steal your information.

What Can I Watch Instead?

KOCOWA+: A reliable platform with a vast library of Korean dramas, variety shows, and K-pop content, often with multi-language subtitles.

Viki: A global platform known for its extensive Asian content library, including Korean dramas, movies, and variety shows. Many titles are free with ads, with premium memberships offering exclusive content and ad-free viewing.

Netflix: While the Korean selection may vary by region, Netflix continues to invest in high-quality Korean originals and licenses popular existing shows.


While Kokoa TV’s absence is a loss for fans of free Korean content, the streaming landscape offers numerous alternatives. Explore the options mentioned above to continue your K-drama or variety show binge-watching journey!


  • Is there any official word on a Kokoa TV revival?

Unfortunately, no. There haven’t been any official announcements regarding a relaunch.

  • Can I find Kokoa TV content on other platforms?

Some Korean shows that were previously available on Kokoa TV might be licensed by other streaming services. Check the platforms mentioned above for specific titles.

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