Is Kokoa TV a Legal Streaming Option for Korean Dramas?

Korean Dramas have taken the world by storm, and for good reason! Finding a platform to watch them, however, can be tricky. You might have stumbled upon Kokoa TV, but is it the right choice? Let’s dive in and see.

What is Kokoa TV?

Kokoa TV was a streaming service offering Korean content, primarily focused on Korean dramas and variety shows. It seemed to cater to an international audience.

Why Wasn’t Kokoa TV Legit?

In February 2024, a US court ruled against Kokoa TV, finding them guilty of copyright infringement. This means they were illegally distributing content owned by other streaming services.

What Does This Mean for Viewers?

Since the ruling, Kokoa TV is no longer operational. Trying to access it will likely lead you to a dead end.

Are There Alternatives for Watching Korean Dramas?

Subscription Services: Viki, Kocowa, Netflix, Disney+ all offer Korean dramas with subtitles.

Free with Ads: Rakuten Viki offers a free tier with a limited selection and commercials. YouTube also has some Korean dramas available.


While Kokoa TV may have seemed like an appealing option, it was ultimately not a legal way to watch Korean dramas. Luckily, there are many safe and legitimate streaming services available to fulfill your K-Drama cravings! Choose a platform that works for you and enjoy the world of Korean television!


  • Can I still use Kokoa TV?

No, it is no longer operational.

  • Is using illegal streaming services safe?

No, it can expose you to malware and security risks.

  • What are some good alternatives?

Viki, Kocowa, Netflix, Disney+, and Rakuten Viki (free with ads) are all popular choices.

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