Kokoa TV: The Facts Behind the Korean Streaming Service

Kokoa TV has popped up on your radar, but is it a legitimate platform for your Korean drama fix? This blog post dives deep into everything you need to know about Kokoa TV, from its origins to its content library and legality.

What is Kokoa TV?

There seems to be some confusion surrounding Kokoa TV. Here’s the clarification: There are two possibilities for what you might have encountered.

Misspelling of KakaoTV: The most likely scenario is that you’re looking for KakaoTV, a popular South Korean OTT (Over-the-top) streaming service offering Korean dramas, variety shows, and K-Pop content. It boasts originals alongside content from major Korean networks like KBS, MBC, and SBS.

Unofficial Source: There’s a chance you stumbled upon a website or app called “Kokoa TV” that promises free Korean content. It’s important to be cautious. These platforms are likely unauthorized sources and may be illegal or unreliable.

Is Kokoa TV the unofficial source legal?

Streaming content from unauthorized sources is generally considered illegal. These websites or apps often operate without permission from copyright holders and could expose you to malware or viruses.

Alternatives to Unofficial Kokoa TV

If you’re looking for a safe and legal way to enjoy Korean dramas and shows, here are some reputable alternatives:

KakaoTV (official): As mentioned earlier, KakaoTV is a legitimate platform with a vast library of Korean content.

Viki: This popular platform offers Korean dramas, movies, and variety shows with subtitles in multiple languages.

Netflix: Many Korean dramas find their way onto Netflix, often becoming international hits.

Disney+: Similar to Netflix, Disney+ is increasingly acquiring Korean content, particularly original series.

What about the Kokoa TV Chrome extension?

There seems to be a Chrome extension claiming to be a companion app for Kokoa TV. However, due to the questionable nature of the service itself, it’s best to avoid installing this extension. It might not provide any value and could potentially harm your device.


While the unofficial “Kokoa TV” might seem tempting, it’s best to steer clear for safety and legal reasons. Luckily, there are numerous legitimate streaming services with fantastic Korean content for your viewing pleasure. So, grab your popcorn, pick your platform, and get ready to dive into the world of Korean dramas!


  • Is there a free way to watch Korean dramas?

Yes, some platforms like KakaoTV offer a free tier with limited content. However, for a wider selection, you might need a premium subscription to various streaming services.

  • What are some popular Korean dramas to watch?

There are many fantastic options! Some recent hits include “Squid Game”, “Crash Landing on You”, and “Goblin: The Great and Lonely God”.

  • How can I learn more about Korean dramas?

Online forums and communities dedicated to Korean dramas are a great resource. You can also find reviews and recommendations on websites and YouTube channels.

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