Is Kokoa TV Net Still a Viable Option for Streaming

Kokoa TV Net was once a popular destination for fans of Korean dramas, variety shows, and movies. However, its future is uncertain. Let’s delve into what you need to know.

What Was Kokoa TV Net?

Kokoa TV Net offers a vast library of Korean content, including currently airing shows and classic favorites. Users could access these for free, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious viewers.

Why Did Kokoa TV Net Get Shut Down?

In 2023, a US court ruled against Kokoa TV Net in a copyright infringement lawsuit filed by Wavve Americas. The platform was found to be illegally distributing licensed content.

Is Kokoa TV Net Still Available?

The original Kokoa TV Net website (kokoa.tv) is no longer functional. There have been reports of similar-sounding websites popping up, but these are likely imitators and could be malware risks.

Legal and Safe Alternatives

There are many legal and safe streaming services offering Korean content. Here are a few popular options:

  • Viki: Features a vast library with subtitles in multiple languages.
  • Kocowa: Provides content directly from major Korean broadcasters.
  • Netflix: Offers a growing selection of Korean dramas and movies.

Free and Legal Streaming Options

While not as extensive as Kokoa TV Net, some platforms offer free, legal streaming of Korean content with ads or limited selections. These include:

  • YouTube: Some channels distribute Korean dramas and variety shows.
  • Rakuten Viki: Offers a limited selection of free content.
  • KBS World: Features some free content, primarily focused on KBS productions.


While Kokoa TV Net is no longer a viable option, there are numerous legal and safe alternatives for streaming Korean content. Consider your budget and preferred features when choosing a platform.


  • Is it safe to use websites similar to Kokoa TV Net?

No, these websites are likely illegal and could be malware risks.

  • Will Kokoa TV Net ever come back?

It’s highly unlikely. The copyright infringement lawsuit makes a legitimate relaunch improbable.

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